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I can't think of any TV show that included other TV shows but Night Flight did. That was how different Night Flight was. Some of the most memorable things on Night Flight were TV shows like Dynaman. Below, are some of the TV shows that helped make up the show we know as Night Flight.

Five karate choppin high tech superheroes fight crime. From Japan and dubbed to English.
dynaman dynakids bernie flipper mel spunky
The Dynaman Files
Doctor Ed's Doctored Shows And Movies
Internet Archive: DynaPlaid's Dyna Site
YouTube: Night Flight - Dynaman - Lucky Pierre (part 1 of 2)
YouTube: Night Flight - Dynaman - Lucky Pierre (part 2 of 2)
YouTube: Night Flight - Dynaman - Mr. Flipper (part 1 of 2)
YouTube: Night Flight - Dynaman - Mr. Flipper (part 2 of 2)
YouTube: Dynaman - Spunky the Wonder Squid (part 1 of 2)
YouTube: Dynaman - Spunky the Wonder Squid (part 2 of 2)
Wikipedia: Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
IMDB: Dynaman

The Kenny Everett Show
Comedy/variety act from England which ran on Night Flight in 1987 & 88.
The Brilliant Kenny Everett
BBC: The Kenny Everett Television Show
Wikipedia: Kenny Everett
IMDB: Kenny Everett Video Show, The
IMDB: Kenny Everett Television Show, The

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
Exploits of a space adventurer and his atomic powered space craft.
rjsr rjsr rjsr rjsr rjsr rjsr
Rocky Jones Space Ranger Orbit Jet
TV Tome: Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
Episode Guide: Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
Wikipedia: Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
IMDB: Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

Sky King
Cowboys and Indians. Oops, I meant cowboys and airplanes.
sk sk sk sk sk sk
Sky King Fan Club, Out of the Clear Blue of the western sky
Kae Vee's Place-Sky King
TV Tome: Sky King
Wikipedia: Sky King
IMDB: Sky King

Space Patrol
Commander Buzz Corey and his gang cruise outer space for villains.
sp sp sp sp sp sp sp
CC - Space Patrol - Home Page
Space Patrol Memories: Part 1 and Part 2
Space Patrol Home Page
Space Patrol 1950
Space Patrol
Wikipedia: Space Patrol (1950s)
TV Tome: Space Patrol
IMDB: Space Patrol

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
Futuristic space adventures with Tom Corbett.
tcsc tcsc tcsc tcsc tcsc
Tom Corbett Home Page
Inside Tom Corbett, Space Cadet!
TV Tome: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet guide
Wikipedia: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
IMDB: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet

Twin Geeks
A spoof of a soap opera with scenes taken fron the old black and white Siamese-twin film Chained for Life.
tg tg
IMDB: Chained for Life

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